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Kazana Group is a holding company owned by Addis Alemayehou, a public figure, a serial entrepreneur and an active investor based in Ethiopia. The group currently holds a portfolio of over 13 companies operating in a diverse array of industries and sectors, notably in marketing, communications, advertisement, fintech, telecom, manufacturing, logistics, technologies, investment management & advisory, and many more. At Kazana Group, our mission is to promote economic prosperity by supporting companies in Africa make impactful changes and solve critical problems in the lives of communities around them. We strongly believe in empowering African entrepreneurs as they are principal stakeholders in the impetus towards inclusive growth and development. We highly value collective achievements yielded by synergistic business partnerships as we commit our capital resources to fuel youth entrepreneurship, to promote pioneering innovation, to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and financial support, and to ensure our investees are not only endowed with financial input, but also with strategic partnerships deemed critical to improve chances of success.

Addis Alemayehou

Chairman Kazana Group

Addis Alemayehou has become a household name in Africa’s business and entrepreneurship landscape with Ethiopia as the genesis of his long and successful business career. The founder and CEO of 251 Communications, Addis began from a humble three-people marketing agency 10 years ago to remarkably grow the company as one of the leading PR and communications firms in Ethiopia with a clear goal of providing world-class communications and marketing services for various private as well as public clients, among which are several multinational corporations and international organizations. Having become a marketing and communications veteran, Addis expanded his outreach outside of Ethiopia by co-founding Africa Communications Media Group (ACG), the first African-owned, pan-African agency handling communication for global clients in the African setting. Addis is also a co-founder and shareholder of a trailblazing private entertainment television station in Ethiopia called KANA TV in partnership with MOBY Group, based in Dubai.

A year after launch, KANA TV had gained a 34% market share and 8 of the top 10 highest rated prime time shows were aired on the channel. Addis’s passion for media had already been manifested when he launched the first all-English radio station in Ethiopia, dubbed Afro FM, back in 2008. Since 2016, Addis has held the role of Senior Advisor at Albright Stonebridge Group, a global business strategy firm based in Washington D.C. where he uses his expertise in communications, telecom, and other key sectors to support client engagements across East Africa. Prior to establishing 251 Communications, Addis served as Chief of Party of the VEGA Ethiopia AGOA+ project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The project was a USAID funded private sector support program with a mandate to increase two way trade between the US and Ethiopia. As a result of his long standing service, Addis was awarded a Distinguished Service Award from the US Department of State for providing service above and beyond the call of duty. He has engaged in numerous public speaking venues, including at the Global Diaspora forum in the State Department and the AGOA forum. Rising in prominence as a serial entrepreneur, Addis is an investor of over 13 companies under his own holding entity named Kazana Group. The companies are part of a diverse assortment of sectors and industries, predominantly in marketing, communications, advertisement, fintech, telecom, manufacturing, logistics, investment management & advisory, and many more. His active engagements in the Ethiopian start-up ecosystem expands onto his membership of the Addis Ababa Angel Network (AAA), an association he-cofounded. AAA is a network of high net-worth individual investors who have partnered to leverage their experiences and financial capital to invest in early-stage technology and innovative businesses in Ethiopia. His involvement in the investment of early stage companies also extends to his appearance in an Ethiopian reality television series, called ‘Chigign Tobiya’ (literally translated as ‘Ethiopian Seed’), showing entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of five investors (Addis being one of them) who decide whether to invest in their company. Addis is also an advisor to the Ethiopian government on policy and regulation around the promotion of digital transformation and technology-enabled start-up businesses. Addis serves on the board of the African Leadership Network, a network of influential leaders in business, public sector, academia, the arts and civil society in Africa who meet once a year to share ideas and promote inter-Africa cooperation. Addis’s notable board membership also spans across Dangote Ethiopia, the Ethiopian American Business Forum, and the ICT-ET (a private sector ICT association in Ethiopia). The life and success story of Addis has been profiled in a popular book, titled How We Made It In Africa, compiled by Jaco Maritz and published in 2018, which depicts the stories of 25 successful African entrepreneurs who are considered worthy of inspiration for generations to come. For more on his life journey, please refer to link Here

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